The Cancer Kids

I was the singer and co-lyricist for this grind/punk band called the Cancer Kids. We had a lot of fun.


And we even made a record that some people think is a masterpiece… McCoy said:

CANCER KIDS “The Possible Dream” LP

These Western Mass outcasts with a predilection for Godzilla, Mr. T, and the Red Sox dwelt in a world where fame meant nothing and tangible politics had little to do anything found in a filthy squat. After releasing a promising split ep with Malay and playing at most two live shows, these guys disappeared back into their garage, tightened their sound, and wrote 50 songs. Represented here are the best 19 of that lot, a record so musically solid and consistent that it has claimed the throne for the loudest, most devastating LP in the galaxy. For those who may have lapsed on their note taking, THE CANCER KIDS is ex-members of the legendary cult BUCKET FULL OF TEETH, and was produced by genius Will Killingsworth of ORCHID/BUCKET FULL OF TEETH/AMPERE glory. A masterpiece years in the making. Limited to 700 copies.


It was released by Mark McCoy of Youth Attack Records. He was kind of our hero when we were teenagers for awhile, because he used to sing in this other ridiculous band called Charles Bronson that we loved. So we were very excited that he wanted to put out our music, and then also said really nice things about it. The record’s out of print, but I have a couple of copies.

I played in a whole series of punk bands actually. Some of the names were The Lysdexics, The Garbage Pail Kids, State Assisted Suicide, Cherem, The A Team, Nullset… although in many cases these bands had all the same members. The Cancer Kids was sort of the last in that line. It was such a great time, making music together, trading mixtapes, going to shows, joking around, eating snacks, being silly, pulling pranks. Would recommend it to anyone.


Right to Left: Nick, Chris, Matt, Colin, the Cancer f’n Youth!