Who is the K.I.D.S.?

The K.I.D.S. is the Kindness and Imagination Development Society

We were all kids once. Deep down we all remain kids. We are looking to bring out the good intentions and creativity of childhood in the daily life of adults. This seems to be the only way we can even hope to be happy or to begin solving the problems of life.

The K.I.D.S. is a group for people committed to developing (or redeveloping) their childhood selves. Not so much in the sense of being immature and irresponsible (although that has its definite place), but in the sense of approaching life with a sense of wonder, with boundless energy and interest. The group focuses on the interests and ideas of the members, using our hopes, dreams and skills to change the world, one day at a time.

The K.I.D.S. has played a part in most of the projects on this web page, in one way or another. We believe that at the most basic level, The K.I.D.S. has always existed, and always will. It is going on all around us: cooperation, play, moments of transcendence, gaps bridged between strangers. The K.I.D.S. wants to celebrate that, and do all we can to foster more of it.

Whether you like it or not, you are one of us. Bear with us for a moment. Try to remember what it felt like when you were a kid, and you met some other, unfamiliar kids somewhere – when you were on vacation out of town, perhaps – and think of the way you got to know each other by playing together. This is the energy that the K.I.D.S. is always trying to get back, in the midst of our busy, distracted, alienating adult lives: the power of play. We want to find and reuse that power before it is lost to us forever. It is urgent and vital, in the ongoing constellation of political, social, familial, personal, economic, public health, environmental and cultural crises, that we all remember this power, use it, reuse it, and never, never, never forget it.

Got that? Good.

There is more information about some adventures and ideas of the K.I.D.S. on this blog: kidsociety.wordpress.com

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