Emcee C.M., Master of None is the pseudonym of Colin McMullan. He has a practice of active, cooperative, social, public art often utilizing vehicles, play, conversation, moving pictures, publications, and food, for which he has received institutional support from LMCC, IPG, CAG, ISCP, CUE, CBA, BHK, BBBP, Eyelevel BQE, ICA Yerevan, Smack Mellon, Skowhegan, Bronx Museum, Queens Museum, Flux Factory, the Aldrich, Artspace, i-park, el Taller Boricua, and Real Art Ways. Recent highlights include shows at Dorsky Gallery in New York, Real Art Ways in Hartford, and the Modern Art Museum in Yerevan, Armenia. Recent grants include the Macktez Stipend and Artspace CWOS commission. Residencies at Emmanuel College and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Yerevan have informed McMullan’s recent practice. He is currently based in Hartford, Connecticut, performing transnational “Experimental Research on the Nonexistence of Borders,” and operating the “Tree Spa for Urban Forest Healing.”



University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. MFA in Sculpture, High Honors, 2005.

Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, BA with Highest Honors in Studio Arts, Magna Cum Laude, 2002. Minors in Linguistics, Russian.

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME. 2007. Sculpture.


The NEST Residency, ICA Yerevan, Armenia. 2018.

Emmanuel College Artist Residency, Boston, MA. 2017.

Phats Valley Residency. 2013.

Center for Book Arts Residency. 2011.

Thanatopolis Prize from i-park. 2010.

FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) Grant. 2009.

Smack Mellon Studio Residency and Grant. 2008-2009.

CUE Art Foundation Studio Residency. 2007.

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Fellowship. 2007.

Chashama Studio Residency. 2006-2007.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Swing Space Award. 2006.

Somerville Arts Council Union Square Event Producers Grant. 2005.

Member of the Independent Performance Group founded by Marina Abramovic. 2004-2005.

Mitchell F. Siporin Award in Sculpture. 2002.


Experimental Research on the Nonexistence of Borders. 2018. Documentary and public social intervention practice interrogating the space occupied by political borders in our natural and social imaginaries.

Gathering Aveluk like my Medzmama Once Did. 2018. Social Documentary practice in collaboration with food historian, Mari Firkatian. Yerevan, Armenia.

Tree Spa for Urban Forest Healing. 2015-present. NYC and Hartford, CT. Socially-engaged project involving gathering maple sap, making maple syrup, and sharing  the process with urban communities, as a practice of decolonizing the land and people. Current partners include the University of Hartford, Keney Park Sustainability Project, Knox Parks, Artspace New Haven, and the Hartford Maple Syrup Club.

Walks and Tea Parties for Decolonization. Begun 2017. With participants from Emmanuel College, Boston, and New York City.

A Boat to Find Christine Periord. 2013-present. With Ann Chen, Davey Field, John Field, Brendan McMullan, Barefoot Rich, Great-Great-Grandma Christine, and all my relations. Phats Valley, Truro, MA.

The Corner Libraries. 2007-2013. Collaborative work with the K.I.D.S., Word Up Collective, Eyelevel BQE, Launchpad, NURTUREart, Weeksville Heritage Center, Artspace New Haven, and volunteer librarians.

Growing a Network of Secret Gardens. 2009. Collaborative work with Secret School and the K.I.D.S. Public, private, and discursive spaces, NYC.

The K.I.D.S. Has Some Work To Do. 2009. Collaborative work with the Kindness and Imagination Development Society and Flux Factory. Various public sites, NYC.

Cloud City. 2008-9. A collaboration with Huong Ngo, Secret School, and the K.I.D.S. Public and private venues, PA & NY.

How the K.I.D.S Meets. Apr 2008. BBBP, Bronx Museum, and other venues, Bronx, NY. Collaborative work with the K.I.D.S.

A Lot in Our Lives. Apr 2007. 8000 sq. ft. interactive public installation and event series with the K.I.D.S., including collaborative projects with Frank Brescia, Bob Hurd, Henry Loomis, George Newman, Jon Singer, Steve Tarquino, Kristina Zallinger, and the Teen Docents of Artspace. The Lot at Artspace, New Haven, CT.

A Sauna -or- Something about Temperature & Time, Memory & Moments, Labor, Leisure & Location, Saving & Sharing, Usefulness & Us. 2007. Functional installation and event series with the K.I.D.S. (Kindness and Imagination Development Society), in collaboration with Sam Ekwurtzel. Skowhegan, ME.

A Game for the Kids We Were. May 2007. Spontaneously invented participatory and performative games. Night of Museums, Belgrade, Serbia.

MOBILIZE: the Wandering Workbench. Begun 2007. Public actions and conversations about work, space, life and invention, NYC.

MOBILIZE: the Portable Pantry. Begun 2007. Public actions and events, including foraging wild plants and throwing wild tea parties with the resulting foods, NYC.

Public Domestications. Begun 2007. Sidewalk installations produced in collaboration with Huong Ngo and The K.I.D.S., New Haven, CT and NYC.

Pulling Together: the Legends of Willimantic. 2006 – 2008. Open boatbuilding workshop and series of public actions with the K.I.D.S., featuring Ted Efremoff and the Citizen Shipwrights of Willimantic. Artspace Windham, CT.

Work Together. Sep 2006. Spontaneous collaboration with strangers. Project space at LMCC Swing Space, 32 Avenue of the Americas, NYC.

Footprint Factory. Begun 2005 (ongoing). Public block printing collaboration. Portable: shown in CT, MA, Germany & NY to date.

MOBILIZE: the Moving Picture Show. Begun 2004 (ongoing). Public actions, CT & NY.

Social Series. Begun 2003 (ongoing). Public gatherings and actions with the K.I.D.S., CT & NY.

Today is a Work Day. Nov 2003.  Public text interventions. Storrs, CT.

Play the Game. Sep 2001.  Public participatory event with the K.I.D.S., Waltham, MA.

The Machine. Nov 2000.  Public participatory event with the K.I.D.S., Waltham, MA.


Distance. February-April, 2019. Dorsky Gallery, NYC.

Tree Spa for Urban Forest Healing. March 2019. Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.

We are the Introspective Collective. December 2018. LES Gallery at the Clemente, NYC.

Art of Armistice. Fall 2018. Target Gallery, Torpedo Center, Alexandria, VA.

Book Meet. October 2018. Skowhegan, NYC.

Tree Spa for Urban Healing. October 2018, commissioned by Artspace, New Haven, for CWOS.

The Possibility of the Impossible Choice. August, 2018. Modern Art Museum of Yerevan, Armenia.

Experimental Research on the Nonexistence of Borders. June, 2018. ICA, Yerevan, Armenia.

BYOBatter Pancake Breakfast. Spring 2018. Keney Park Pond House, Hartford, CT.

Skowhegan Performs. Fall 2017. Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY.

ECAR show. August, 2017. Emmanuel College, Boston, MA. Includes a site-specific interactive 2-channel video intervention with related reading materials, seating, and a new way to play chess.

Personals. May 2017. Skowhegan, NYC.

Faculty Exhibition. Sep 2016. Joseloff Gallery, Hartford, CT.

20th Anniversary Show. Nov 2016. Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY.

Hand/Made: the Digital Age and the Industrial Revolution. Sep 2015. Kleinert/James Center for the Arts (Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild), Woodstock, NY.

Then & Now: Ten Years of Residencies. Apr 2015, Center for Book Arts, NYC. Sep 2015, College of New Rochelle, NY.

How we Tried to Live Like the Animals (and Killed the Sun).  February 2013.

Brother Can You Spare a Stack? Jan 2013. Center for Book Arts, NYC. With the K.I.D.S., Word Up Collective, Eyelevel BQE, Launchpad, NURTUREart, Weeksville Heritage Center, and individual partners.

Insite/Out. June 2012. Art space, New Haven, CT. “Odd Jobs,” Wild Tea Party Table, and Dead Branch Memorial Tree Guards.

re/spond/re/peat. June 2012. Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2011 Workspace Artists-In-Residence. Apr-June 2012. Center for Book Arts, NYC.

SP Weather Station. 2011. Portfolio shown at various sites including Center for Book Arts, International Print Center, Flux Factory.

5X5X5. Summer 2011. Brooklyn, NY. With Nora Herting and Ann Chen.

Barri-o-rama. June 2011. El Taller Boricua, NYC. With Hatuey Ramos-Fermin.

High/Low. Apr 2011. Eyelevel BQE, Brooklyn, NY. With Gabriela Alva.

Thanatopolis Exhibition. Oct 2010. i-park, East Haddam, CT. With Ted Efremoff, James Holland, and Johnny Walker.

Bread Cycle Works. 2010. Hartford, CT. With Ted Efremoff, Alex Hill, and many more.

Out of the Blue. Jun 2010. ISCP, Brooklyn, NY.
Ecstatic. Mar 2010. Former Convent of St. Cecilia’s, NYC. With Round Robin Collective.

A Failed Entertainment. Feb 2010. Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, NYC. With the K.I.D.S.

Bike Rides. Oct 2009. Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT. With Secret School and the K.I.D.S.

Plan B. Sep 2009. Nurture Art, NYC. With Secret School and the K.I.D.S.

Hangin’ Out at No Rio. 2009. ABC no Rio, NYC. With Secret School and the K.ID.S.

Beauty Underfoot. Jun 2009. Smack Mellon, NYC. With Secret School and the K.I.D.S.

A Few Days in Watermill with Raymond Roussel. Jun 2009. Watermill Center, Water Mill, NY. With Bryan Markovitz, Ryan Dohoney, Huong Ngo, Julia Rich, Elizabeth Adams, Chris Piuma and Amanda Boekelheide.

Queens International. Mar 2009. Queens Museum of Art, NY. With the Anti-Fascist Culture Club.

Metropoles. Nov 2008, JCAL, Jamaica, NY. With Tattfoo Tan, Caitlin Berrigan and many more.

What’s Mine is Yours. Oct 2008, Basekamp, Philadelphia, PA. With Huong Ngo.

Maritime: Ships, Pirates and Disasters. Oct 2008. CGA, Storrs, CT. With the K.I.D.S. and Ted Efremoff.

Alumni Biennial (One). Sep 2008, Contemporary Art Galleries, Storrs, CT. With Rebecca Parker, the K.I.D.S. AND Ted Efremoff.

AIM 28. Jun 2008. Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY.

The Ideal Cloud. May 2008. Ise Cultural Foundation, New York, NY.

Life’s Work. Jan 2008. CUE Art Foundation, NY, NY.

The Invisible Exhibition. Oct 2007.  With Sam Ekwurtzel. Nomad II, Hartford, CT.

Ripped from the Monster’s Heart by the Master Himself. Jul 2007. The Dean’s Locket Gallery, Madison, ME.

who is your friends/The Soap Operas. Feb 2007. Soap Gallery, Kitakyushu, Japan.

Lighting Up the Painter Siji’s House. Oct 2006. Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea.

Rock, Paper, Scissors…Shoot! Jun 2005.  Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

A Work of Art. Apr 2005. William Benton Museum of Art, Storrs, CT.


Wild Tea Party. Skowhegan Performs at Socrates Sculpture Park. October, 2017. Queens, NY.

Walks for Decolonization. August-October, 2017. Boston, MA.

Lecture about tree sap collection. March 2015. Pecha Kucha New Haven.

Athena Theater on the Air. Jan 2009, Jan 2010. Live original radio variety program with the original K.I.D.S.

How We Searched for the Ice Cream Tree on the Hottest Day of the Year. Mar 2009. Secret School 04: FOOD. Chicago, IL.

Workspeak Training Film. Nov 2008. Monkeytown, Brooklyn, NY.

The Swan Catchers. Apr 2008. Chocolate Factory, Queens, NY.

We are the United Divided. Nov 2007. Collaborative A/V performance with MONO HAHA. Mono no Aware Film Festival, Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY.

Life’s Work. Aug 2007. Sounds of Silents Festival. Somerville, MA. Live score performed with Seamus McMullan.

Life’s Work. Aug 2007. Skowhegan Participants Screening. Seattle, WA.

A Game for the Kids We Were. May 2007. Night of Museums, Belgrade, Serbia.

Emcee C.M. and the Gigantopumpkin. Oct 2005. Galleria Illy, New York, NY.

Gifted Generation: In the Theatre. May 2005. Hau Eins, Berlin, Germany.

Cleaning the House. Jun 2004.  NMAC Foundation, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain.

The Cancer Kids, SAS, Nullset, etc. Singer in punk bands. Various venues, 1992-2007.


Visiting artist at Bennington College. Bennington, VT. 2018.

Visiting artist at Harvard Graduate School. 2018.

Visiting artist at Emmanuel College. Decolonization Walks with students. 2017.

Visiting artist at Bennington College, advanced sculpture students. 2014. 

Visiting artist at University of Connecticut, MFA Students. 2011.

Visiting artist at Virginia Commonwealth University, Sculpture Department. 2010.

Panelist at “Beauty Underfoot” artist talk. Smack Mellon, NYC. 2009.

Panelist at “Outside the Box” discussion. Jersey City Museum, NJ. 2009.

Cross-Borough Dialog on community art. Staten Island Arts Council, NY. 2009.

Studio visit with Portland College of Art students. 2009.

Studio visit with Tyler School of Art students. 2008.

Visiting artist at Hartford Art School, Media Studies Department. 2008.

Panelist for “Performing Life” discussion. Artists Space, NYC, Dec. 2007.


“Steam and Syrup? A Pop-up Tree Spa will be Outside Real Art Ways Later this Month” Hartford Courant. March 6, 2019.

“CWOS Takes a Deep Breath, and Kicks Off.” Arts Paper. Greater New Haven Arts Council. October 8, 2018.

“From Sap to Syrup in the Park.” Hartford Courant. March 16, 2018.

Maple Sugaring, Tree Juice, and Quotes from the Book of Work. Interview and slide show (2017).

A Boat to Find Christine Periord. Jan, 2014. Self published. Pamphlet stitched, photocopied text and woodcuts. Edition: 31.

Odd Jobs. 2011. Self published. Handset letterpress, accordion book masquerading as a business card, with original list poem. Edition: 200.

The Land Gives Us All We Need to Survive. 2011. Self published. Thirty-six Woodcuts and wood engravings from all six sides of six handmade type-high blocks of maple, with original narrative text & list poem handset in lead Caslon Antique type, letterpress printed in seven colors on a paper booklet/fold-out broadside. Edition: 200.

The C.R.I.E.R.S.: A Calling to Tears.  2011. Self published broadside. Handset letterpress, original text, four color reduction woodcut, additional marks made in homemade oak gall ink and storebought shellac paint. Edition: 15 four-color deluxe, 45 single color.

“More Microlibraries Hitting the Streets.” Oct 25, 2011.

“Homegrown Libraries.” Nov/Dec 2011. Alex Dimitrov. Poets & Writers Magazine.

“Guerilla Librarians Making Noise.” July 22, 2011. Ashlea Halpern. Wall Street Journal.

Velo: Bicycle Culture and Design. 2010. Gestalten, Berlin.

“We Common.” Jun 2010. Out of the Blue. ISCP exhibition newspaper.

“The C.R.I.E.R.S.” May 2010. Columbia University Literature and Art Journal.

We Common. Mar 2010. The Center for Collective Wealth:

On Looking at Nature: an Untitled Petition on Crapomimicry, Anonymous. Oct 2009.

Bee Line Transit  Pocket Map. 2009. Self published. Parody of NYC Subway Map mapping bird and bug migration routes through city green spaces, with Secret School and the K.ID.S.

Grow Your Own Secret Garden Network. 2009. Self published. Information pack including secret seed packs and zine, with Secret School and the K.I.D.S.

“Alumni Biennial (One).” January, 2009. Art New England (Art review: Patricia Rosoff).

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“Igra za decu kakva smo bili” May 18, 2007. Danas (Belgrade), p. 30.

Cleaning the House. 2007. Catalog, Fundacion NMAC, p. 53.

Merz’s Room. 2006. Catalog, Seoul Museum of Art – Namseoul Annex, Seoul, Korea, pp. 41-3.

“Light Up the Painter Siji’s House.” November, 2006. Wolgan Misool, p. 80.

“Ship Ahoy.” October 20, 2006. The Willimantic Chronicle,

“Colin and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Needs Help: Community is Invited to Help Build 18-foot Boat.” October 6, 2006. Broadcaster.

“Moving Picture Show: Colin McMullan and His Trike are a Traveling Movie Theater, Buttered Popcorn and All.” September, 2006. The Tribeca Trib.

“Marathon: Abramovic-Studenten mit ‘Gifted Generation’ im HAU.” May 19, 2005. Berliner Morgenpost.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors – Shoot! Brings Student Work to Benton.”  April 6, 2005. Daily Campus.

Rock Paper Scissors Shoot. 2005. Exhibition Catalog, University of Connecticut.

Handbook of Workspeak. 2005. Self published. Offset printed, stapled. Edition: 500.

“Special Neighbor: A Trike that’s a Piece of Art too.”  November 20, 2004. The Willimantic Chronicle.

Workbook.  2004. Self published. Offset printed, hand bound book. Edition: 67.

“Building Blocks.” 2002. Suite of ten screenprints. Edition of 10 (collection of Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA). 


Adjunct Faculty. Eastern Connecticut State University, University of Hartford, University of Connecticut. 2018-2019.

MFA Candidate Mentor. Massachusetts College of Art. Fall 2017.

Full-time Visiting Assistant Professor of Sculpture, Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT. 2016-2017.

Faculty, Nomad9 MFA program, Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT. Summer 2016.

Adjunct Faculty and Sculpture Technician, Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT.  2015-2016.

Freelance Artist, Organizer & Writer.  2000-present.

Frame and Finish Carpenter, Designer, Fabricator, Furniture Builder, installer. Clients: Carl Scholz, Walker Woodworking, Etsy, Alice Rubin, DKNY, Ross Bleckner, Web Liquid, Ron Haddad, Tobacco Road Farm, 601 Artspace, CAG, Michael McHale, Boy Wonder, Smack Mellon, the Greenhorns. NYC and Connecticut. 2007-2015

Natural Building and Farm Apprentice. Soul Fire Farm, Grafton, NY. 2012.

Freelance Filmmaker/Videographer/Editor. Clients: Greenhorns and the K.I.D.S. 2005-2012.

Shop Technician. Smack Mellon Studios, New York, NY. 2009-2012.

Superintendent. Splinters & Logs, LLC, Brooklyn, NY. 2008-2012.

Curriculum Developer for Rooftop Greenhouse. Manhattan Children’s School, PS 333, NYC. 2011.

Environmental Education Youth Academy Instructor. Urban Neighborhood Services, Brooklyn, NY. 2011.

Artist Mentor. Smack Mellon Art Ready Education Program for High School Students. 2009.

Design Shop Technician. Parsons School of Design, New York, NY. 2007-8.

Woodworker and Fabricator. Barron Arts, Brooklyn, NY. 2006-7.

Russian Translator and Preparer. Acorn tax preparation service, Brooklyn, NY. 2006.

Personal Assistant to Marina Abramovic. New York, NY. 2005-6.

Goatherd and Cheese Maker. Beltane farm, Lebanon, CT. 2005.

Film Technician and Librarian Assistant. UCIMT, UConn, Storrs, CT. 2005.

Public Art Research Coordinator. Public Art Committee, Storrs, CT. 2004-5.

Gallery Assistant. Contemporary Art Galleries, Storrs, CT. 2003-5.

Video Art Instructor. Department of Art, University of Connecticut. 2004-2005.

English Teacher. Krasny Chikoy Vocational Lyceum, village of Krasny Chikoy, Chita Oblast, Siberia, Russia. 2002-3.

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